Semiconductor Partners


   T-Tech is an independent distributor that stock and source a diverse range of level electronic components company. Our office is located in Penang Island, Malaysia. We carry an on-shelf inventory of components including, IC's, Semiconductors, Memory, Micro's, Flash, IP&E, Programmable Logic, Capacitors, Crystals, Oscillators, CPU's, as well as, Hard Drives & Other Peripheral Products. T-Tech now offering a much broader range of services, including global franchise distribution, and excess stock marketing. We supply semi conductors, memory, passive, e-mech and interconnect components, and support a wide customer base of OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and other Distributors. Including some of the industry’s leading names, such as Alcatel, Plexus, Flextronics, Jabil, NEC, Philips, Samsung and Sharp. Our warehouse in Malaysia ensures our Asia customers receive the highest standards of service, and short lead-times.

• Spot Market Orders (Global Sourcing, Shortages, Obsolete, Allocation)
• Franchise Distributor (Factory supported component Sales)
• Strategic Purchasing (Last time buy, safety stock)
• Scheduled Orders (On-going production fulfillment)
• Excess & Obsolete Stock (Liquidate your Surplus Inventory)
• Kitting & Vendor Reduction (Complete Stock Purchasing Programmes)

T-Tech provides a fast-track stock location, and procurement service. We rapidly source allocated, obsolete, hard-to-find, military and long lead time devices. Operating around the clock, we try harder than anyone to solve your problems.

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